Toyota Vios Challenge review – Powerful Turnkey Racer

With over 73 different competition running in the world today, ranging from Vw TDI Jettas supporting major IMSA (International Motor Athletics Association) races in the United States of America, to the glamorous Porsche Carrera Cup championships, one-make racing series serves as a showing ground for junior individuals to compete with other individuals of similar experience, and if they actually do well, their racing plus points will be noticed by headhunters and team owners. Thanks to Toyota Malaysia, aspiring individuals can get their mitts on a competitive turnkey racer for only RM90,000 and a venue that will prove their worth.

This is a Toyota Vios Challenge, a racecar that is designed and developed by Toyota for with the upcoming Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival one-make ethnic background series taking place in Batu Kawan, Penang next August 12th and Thirteenth.

Toyota Motor Thailand first put this concept into practice more than A decade ago with the intention to be able to being motorsport closer to people C to city steets, to shopping malls, for you to wherever people can get, rather than expecting people to go to the racetrack. Like Thailand’s ‘Fast Enjoyment Fest’ events, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Pageant features the Vios one-make, stage illustrates, concert by local popular music talents, Toyota dealers’ sales booth, F&B stalls, etc. so as to charm visitors coming with various different types of interests.

The one-make race series will dsicover 30 drivers in the same race-prepared Toyota Vios with the participation of 8-10 A-list local celebrities competing for the top honours and the championship spanning a series of four events on specially-created street circuits in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor, with the first competition is scheduled to be residing in August this year with the champion stretching through to the first district of 2018.

Compared to the normal Vios, a Vios Challenge car is fitted using TRD safety roll cage, effectiveness brake pads, TRD springs as well as absorbers, TRD strut brace, Lifeline note of fire extinguisher system and nozzles, emergency cut off ignition buttons inside and at the front windshield cowling, racing exhaust extractor in addition to muffler set, MoTeC C125 data logging display unit, OMP tow strap, OMP Corsica Superleggero racing controls and an OMP First R grp racing bucket seat with four-point racing seat harness.

The front side passenger seat, rear seating, sound insulation, sun shades, carpeting and rugs, roof lining, glove pack, spare tyre and applications were removed for weight reduction. Truly the only creature comfort that remained in tact is the air-conditioner with its sole purpose to keep the motive force comfortable during hot competitions.

Despite being armed to the the teeth, the visual appearance of the Vios Difficult task is uncanny to its road-going littermates that boasts familiar exterior benefits such as its projector headlamps, daytime going lights, the four-piece 1.5GX aerokit, backed combination lamp and raise fog lamps. The bike racing quick-release hood pins and tow line strap, together with its lessened ride height and serious entrance wheel camber setting makes it glimpse apart from the ordinary road automobile. Even at a glance, you’ll know immediately that this car hikes the talk.

Also, the other factor to the road car is a large TRD rear wing hosed on the rear boot helmet, which helps keep the rear end sleekly steady in high rates.

The Vios one make race cars tend to be fitted with 15″ Enkei RPF1 racing wheels, wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R all season high-performance car tyres.

Removing the quick-release pins reveals the 1.5-litre 2NR-FE naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with Double VVT-I similarly found in the road-going Vios 1.5J. Toyota Malaysia retained a tight lip on the specific output of the one-make racer, nevertheless says that it makes 10% more electric power above the original 105 h . p . and 140Nm of torque outcome. Paired with the 1.5-litre engine is usually a slightly modified five-speed manual transmission suited with racing clutch drive, clutch cover and a confined slip differential.

We come to the upper loop of the Sepang International Signal to sample first hand on what the one-make racecar performs in its pure habitat and to give the Toyota Vios Problem a proper workout. I actually estimated this car to be rather intimidating to drive, but I are saying its great fun and it’s really not really hard to drive.

Grip is really impressive and I know that the old tyres have a lot to do with the item, but having extra tacky tyres on a car that weighs roughly under a ton with a slight bump around power, the Vios Challenge has the capacity to perform much higher than it’s road going version. In spite of being bogged down by a slower driver in front with no seizing allowed, the Vios Challenge sounds like it’s able to go a lot faster.

The initially four ratios in the five-speed guide book gearbox are evenly spaced, which the driver is able to thoroughly utilise the 1.5-litre engine’s top-end strength. However, fifth gear believes a lot heavier than 4th but considering that the Vios Challenge will likely be raced in specially designed highway courses, having to use the sixth ratio is highly unlikely.

The stop are amazing and they are able to take an arduous beating when braking past due, hard and deep in corners. With plenty of grip within the Toyo Proxes T1R, the TRD springs and absorbers as well as the full TRD safety roll kennel, the Vios Challenge handles particularly well with a neutral sense of balance, as a proper track-focused machine need to.

The hydraulic power steering presents plenty of feedback from the entrance wheel, as this is useful for seasoned drivers to gauge a slip angles of the car tyres. Understeer is not an issue in a car similar to this, as the limited slip differential posts power to the driven controls with the most traction, allowing your vehicle to turn in on accelerator.

Its easy-going drivability accommodates novice drivers to achieve the feel of a proper professional racing series competitively not having fretting on pre- and post-race statigic planning. That said, the Toyota Vios Challenge is the ideal turnkey racer for anyone who will be able to fork out RM90,000 which include the many parts, engineering and assessment required. One set of FIA-approved racing fits will be given and six sessions for racing school training for newbie drivers are available as well.

Aspiring racers who want to participate in the race series will only need a national sporting licence issued by the AAM, of course to purchase the car as well. Existing Vios owners should take note that editing their road-going cars is strictly disallowed for this competition.

Tester’s Notes
+ Highly fun to drive

+ Rev-happy engine

+ Angry fatigue note

+ Limited slip differential

+ Manual transmission

– Certainly not road legal

Technical Specifications
Toyota Vios Challange
Price Msia:
Engine: 1,496cc in-line four cylinder
Power:? N/A
Fuel Economy: N/A
Transmission: Five-speed manual transmission

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