What's the difference between a car or truck mechanic and an auto repair service in Tucson, AZ?

Outside of the automotive industry, not many are aware that there are some major disparities between an auto mechanic and a accident repair shop.? On the surface, it would appear that aspects in these fields might be trained in both types of auto fix, but auto body work and mechanical work need specialized training to master.? If you need to get your 60,000 kilometer service, for instance, you’ll need an automotive technician who is trained in another type of set of skills than the technician you need to replace your damaged motor vehicle hood.? At O’Rielly Collision Center, we’ve met a number of customers who have had questions about the types of providers that we are able to provide as a body shop.? If you are wondering kinds of repairs we might be able to supply in comparison to your usual motor vehicle mechanic, here is our help guide the differences between all of our types of auto repair services.

An auto mechanic is trained in repairing the mechanical portions of a vehicle.
When you need your gas changed, your brakes reconditioned, and your transmission examined, you should bring your car to your favored Arizona mechanic.? At a mechanic, the technicians have received education and certifications for diagnosing and repairing all hardware aspects of a car.? Do you find out a strange noise coming from your current engine?? Do you need a material flush?? Is your tire pierced?? For all of these problems, you would need to provide your mechanic a call.

Auto body shop techs are trained in repairing a structural and cosmetic portions of a vehicle.
When you need a dent pulled from your car door, your fender repaired, and your car colored, you should bring your car for a favorite Arizona body shop.? Accident repair technicians have been taught to build and repair many of the structural components of a car.? They also have received extensive training in motor vehicle paint work, including trivial paint touch-ups and full-scale paint careers.? So if you’ve been in an accident and your car is bumped up, bring it to us and we’ll have it looking new again.? Been through a nasty are storm and now have nicks all over your car?? Your start lid refuses to close from now on?? Your car interior is looking just a little worse for the wear?? For all of these problems, just give your body retail outlet a call.

Do you have questions about what exactly services a collision repair shop provide in Tucson and Green Region, Arizona?
At O’Rielly Collision Center, we would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide our expert advice of your collision repair and other auto needs.? We have weekend time, an Enterprise rental facility, accredited technicians, and state-of-the art machines.? We also provide free quotes and lifetime warranties on almost all repairs we do.? Since cracking open in 1929, we have strived to present great service to our nearby neighbors in Green Valley and also Tucson.? Having your car repaired can be extremely stressful, so it is our search to make the process as easy and hassle-free as we can.

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